starting @ 1:25:25

This is a secret:

Whenever we discover this truth we discover it via its technology and so it also marks our re-migration-phase. This means that this knowledge is our death, life, freedom, liberation, power, immortality, and simply our goal. to find this truth/end is to lose self and initiate the next migration without being able to share this knowledge of the migration. This way: if you win you lose (but if you lose you don’t really win). This is how we keep our technology a secret…



~20:00 – 

–The studio was a 4-track studio?

— It was only 4 on the machine but i was picking up 20, from the extraterrestrial squad that made me mad. I was so glad to meet that extraterrestrial squad. …..   This is a memory, a total mega memory, of an experience I had, WAY BACK, in the jungle, as a baby …………………  
Conch shell. Who conquer hell. And break all the spell. Conch shell. I had a great experience with conch shell. I saw a conch shell flying in Nasau. 

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