About this site

This a website as a musical score, or a musical performance maker. As a visitor you can navigate through the website in various ways. Links are everywhere and (nearly) everything: on the home-page (Weaving Music II) they are numbered portals into further curated virtual-event-spaces (Pages), and they also can be found in the form of hyper-links between home-page portals and other pages on the world wide web. The meaning of these chains of links will only emerge if you click between, through and across them: “listening” is virtual (web-based), and inherently improvised – a weaving of internet navigations between interwoven pages of interwoven material.

For Authors: materials are added and iteratively “reprocessed” through the addition of links of various kinds. Home-page links to “Pages” can be added and embedded with video, audio or image material from idioms 

:::there are no pre-determined constraints in that regard – examples might include, a musical score, a poem, an essay, a recording of a musical improvisation, a novela, a tele-novela, a mixtape/dj set, a docu-series, a ficto-anthropological ethnography, a live streamed lecture, [self-produced?] reality show, a recording of a certain soundscape, a diagrammatic musical, psycho-analytic, literary, psycho-pharmacological analysis or anything.

Function Listening () {

as analysis, response, reflection, creation, invention, improvisation—>

If (listening=technology) {

Add “stuff” to “Pages” that already exist (?);


else {



literal concatenations and processing could be achieved through the downloading of existing website material, “off-line” processing (for example in a DAW), and re-upload}

——->Feel free to add your name to the content/links/hyper-links you added (or not).


If you don’t have author editing privileges and you’d like to participate please contact us at weavingmusictwo@gmail.com


Sam Yulsman https://www.samyulsman.com
Jessie Cox https://www.jessiecoxmusic.com
Bethany Younge http://www.bethanyyounge.com
Gabrielle DaCosta https://gabrielle-mcclain-dacosta.com/work/
Uri Kochavi
Marc Hannaford https://marchannaford.com
Dave Ruder https://daveruder.com
Corey Dansereau
Seth Cluett http://sethcluett.com
Pauline Kim Harris www.paulinekimharris.com/
Conrad Harris https://www.conradharris.com
Patrick Rhie
Louis Goldford https://louisgoldford.com
Nina Fukuoka http://ninafukuoka.com
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