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Imagine a team of African archaeologists from the future—some silicon, some carbon, some wet, some dry—excavating a site, a museum from their past: a museum whose ruined documents and leaking discs are identifiable as belonging to our present, the early twenty-first century. Sifting patiently through the rubble, our archaeologists from the United States of Africa, the USAF, would be struck by how much Afrodiasporic subjectivity in the twentieth century constituted itself through the cultural project of recovery. In their Age of Total Recall, memory is never lost. Only the art of forgetting. Imagine them reconstructing the conceptual framework of our cultural moment from those fragments. What are the parameters of that moment, the edge of that framework? —Kodwo Eshun “Further Considerations on Afrofuturism”




  there are no secrets here, there are no secrets here, 
there are no no no no 
no no no memories lost, 

“There are no secrets here, there are no secrets here,

There is only nod, nod, nod, nod,

nod, nod, nod:

memories lost,”