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Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process    “Although consciousness can, with enough practice, move (i.e. become  beyond the dimension of time-space and interface with other energy systems in other dimensions, the entire process is appreciably enhanced if that consciousness can be detached in large measure from the physical body before such interface is attempted. Once an individual becomes proficient in the technique of out-of-body movement and then reaches the point where he is able to break out of time-space while out of his body, he gains the advantage of ‘clicking out’ part of his enhanced consciousness while starting from a base located much closer to the dimensions with which he wishes to communicate… One the individual is able to project his consciousness beyond time-space, that consciousness would logically tend to entrain its frequency output with the new energy environment to which it is exposed, therein greatly enhancing the extent to which the individual’s altered consciousness may be further modified to achieve a much heightened point of focus and a much refined oscillating pattern. As a result, a self-reinforcing process should ensue whereby the  farther consciousness in the out-of-body state can be projected beyond the time-space dimension … thus promoting the potential for still further travel. The tentative conclusion is that the out-of-body state may be regarded as an extremely effective way of accelerating the process of … interfacing with dimensions beyond time-space. …. // The out-of-body state involves projection of a major portion of the energy pattern that represents human consciousness so that it may move either freely throughout the terrestrial sphere for purposes of information acquisition or into other dimensions outside of time-space, perhaps to interact with other forms of consciousness within the universe. … Since consciousness exists quite apart from and outside of reality, beyond the bounds of time-space, it, like the Absolute, has neither beginning nor end. Reality has both a beginning and an end because it is bounded within time-space, but the fundamental quantum of energy and its consciousness is eternal. When reality ends, its constituent energy returns to infinity in the Absolute. … Consequently, when a person experiences the out-of-body state he is, in fact, projecting that eternal spark of consciousness and memory which constitutes the ultimate source of his identity to let it play in and learn from dimensions both inside and outside the time-space world in which his physical component currently enjoys a short period of reality. // Having put the Gateway Experience in context by postulating a structural outline of how and why it works … the time has come to examine the specific technique which comprise the Gateway training process.” // “The Out-of-Body Movement. This remarkable phenomenon has been saved for discussion until last because of the interest which it occasions. The Gateway program was not established solely for the purpose of enabling participants to obtain the out-of-body state nor does the program guarantee that most participants will succeed in doing it … Basically, these techniques are merely designed to make it easier for the individual to achieve the out-of-body state when his brainwave pattern and personal energy levels have reached a point that he is in apparent harmony with his surrounding electromagnetic environmental such that he has reached the threshold where separation is a possibility. … // There is a sound, rational basis in terms of physical science for considering Gateway to be plausible in terms of its essential objectives … However, a phased approach for entering the Gateway Experience in an accelerated mode would seem to be required if the time needed to reach advanced states of altered consciousness is to be brought within manageable limits from the standpoint of establishing an organization-wide exploitation of Gateway’s potential. … If these experiments are carried through, it is to be hoped that we will truly find a gateway to Gateway and to the realm of practical application for the system of techniques which comprise it.”