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I have something to say

the fear of

telling lies

isn’t gonna make you feel


isn’t it insidious

how we like to


our fears are not


if you say so

is it so if you say

so, is it


It is great to be able to speak


I was in a big arena with some sort of giant forum happening. I think it was about humanity and how to contribute – a theater company was moderating. At some point I felt the need to raise my surdo mallet to notify some neighbors I was a percussionist as well. A facilitator inquired about vocal teachers and I stood up – some students recognized me from the crowd and got all emotional, came up to me and asked me to sing something. I didn’t want to, as I felt shy and thought it wasn’t appropriate to perform in this context, that was about democracy. They insisted so much that I started singing as I walked back to my seat, softly saying/singing I didn’t know what to sing or weather it was time to sing. It was kind of ridiculous – reminded me of times I’ve tried to sing without singing. Or to speak/sing.

The inside of our voices in that moment – the inner-sounds of our speak/sing within and after our dream/sing – are spaces too (a “creating of virtual instruments and sounds using physical descriptions”). They are some of our most secret gateways, because they are so close, so often petitioned to and from.